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Why you vs. a large Growth agency?

More marketers together = more knowledge and skill, right?

That's what I thought too!

Until I started applying for agency jobs, and realised that - while they can be good at B2B lead generation, I was surprised by the general lack of skill depth.

Three reasons:

The majority of Growth Agency clients are B2B businesses, and mainly require some simple LinkedIn lead generation. When all your clients are non-technical and just starting out with growth, you don't need to go very deep as an agency to already be helpful. You do need to be very good at communication. Thus, many marketers there are good at lead generation and communication, but their overall Growth skills stay at a shallower level.

While you will be communicating with a Head of Growth, the actual work will likely be done by trainees. (I know, because they also offered me a traineeship.) A €100/hr rate on €13/hr costs just works better for their own growth. Especially if you serve 10 clients at once.

Almost all people I met who worked at those growth agencies have never run their own businesses. Not their fault; you aren't allowed.

So, they have no idea what the true, long term effects of their recommendations are. They have never built up the long-term scar tissue of carrying the full risk and repercussions of your actions. If you train yourself at managing clients, you get good at managing clients. If you train yourself on truly building and growing businesses, you become good at building and growing businesses.


Yes, I'm slightly salty towards most growth agencies. It's because I love true, beautiful, science based Growth. I want it to represent in the way it deserves. Not to just use the terms to mystify simple lead generation.

I was surprised by what I saw at other agencies, and want to do it right. So, I'm starting my own :)

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Moet ik persé 10% doneren om mee te doen?

Iedereen die geïnteresseerd is kan op onze bijeenkomsten komen. Je hoeft zelfs niets te doneren! Interesse in de ideeën is voldoende.

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Houd je met doneren niet het systeem in stand?

Het sluit elkaar niet uit. Een aantal van de beste initiatieven op het gebied van dierenwelzijn richten zich juist op systeemverandering van de intensieve veeteelt. Daarnaast kan je prima én doneren én protesteren.

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You run your own business. Why are you doing freelance work?

I'm freelancing to fund development of my own business, and to get a change of scenery. 🏞

We're completely bootstrapping Coworksurf, and currently all revenue goes back into the business (hiring developers and copy writers, mainly). You can learn more about our bootstrapping principles at the 'built to last' section of this page.

I love working on more than one project to be able to cross over learnings and ideas, see things with fresh eyes, and learn from different sets of people.

If I don't think I'm the right fit to help your business, I'll refer you to someone whom I think is.

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Hoezo doneren, ik betaal toch al belasting?

Zeker, maar voor belastinggeld krijg je ook wat terug. Doneren gaat over je geld wereldwijd maximaal te laten renderen om de levens van mensen en dieren te verbeteren.

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Werken goede doelen überhaupt?

Zeker niet allemaal – maar de beste goede doelen zijn naar schatting honderden keren effectiever in het redden of verbeteren van mensenlevens dan een matig scorend goed doel. Wij richten ons op dit soort effectieve initiatieven.

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